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Publication numberUS300447 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date17 Jun 1884
Filing date17 Oct 1883
Publication numberUS 300447 A, US 300447A, US-A-300447, US300447 A, US300447A
InventorsWilber F. Cornelius
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US 300447 A
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(No Model) W. P. CORNELIUS;


Patented June 17, 1884.

WM X. i

B W W WHmessesfl I25; diatom 60114 llwrrnn STATES PATENT @rrice.



$PECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 300,4:47, dated June 1'7. 1884.

Application filed October 17, 1883. (No model.)

to rail whom it may concern,

Be it known that I, Wimsnrz F. Consumes, a citizen of the United States, residing atMuncie, in the county of Delaware and State of Indiana, have invented a new and useful Rev ersible and Flexible Window-Cleaner and Floor-Scrubber of which the following is a specification. I

My invention relates to improvements in scrubbing devices; and the objects of my improvements are to construct a cheap and durable flexible and reversible scrubbing device for cleaning glass, wood, I attain these objects by the mechanism illustrated by the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a perspective View. Fi 2 is an end view of the scrubber. Fig. 3 is a longitudinal view of the scrubber, and Fig. 4 is a view of my invention in use on a floor.

Similar letters refer to similar parts through out the several views.

My invention consists in the combination, with a socket and handle, of a scrubber-head formed of two strips of rubber, having astrip of wood (or suitable material) placed between them, a thin metallic strip placed on each side, and the whole riveted together and reversibly secured to a holder.

D represents the scrubber-head. The strips a are made of a suitable piece of rubber, and the strip (1 may be of wood or other flexible material, of sufficient thickness to hold the strips a the desired distance apart. A thin piece of metal is placed on the outside of the two strips aand riveted through at 0, so as to hold the said strips I), rubbers a, and strip cl securcly together. Two bolts, 0, exten d through the said parts suiliciently far to pass through construction and pliability of the scrubber,

and it will be seen in Fig. 4 that it will bend or curve freely from end to end in scrubbing uneven floors or whereit strikes 0bstruc tions on a floor. By removing the thumbnuts the rubber part of the scrubber can be reversed or turned to use either side. The thin strips of rubber secured together by other thin yielding material are more pliable and lasting than one thick piece, and it is more especially adapted for cleaning glass, scrubbing floors, &c.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is- The combination, with a holder formcd with arms connected by a bar, as described, of a flexible scrubber-head, consisting of rubber strips having a wooden strip interposed between them, and metallic strips secured upon their outer faces, and bolts and thumb-nuts for removably securing said scrubber-head to the bar of the holder, substantially as set forth.




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Cooperative ClassificationA47L1/06