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Publication numberDE602007007491 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200760007491
Publication date12 Aug 2010
Filing date16 Aug 2007
Priority date1 Sep 2006
Also published asEP2062148A1, EP2062148B1, US7882370, US20080069558, WO2008025682A1
Publication number0760007491, 200760007491, DE 2007/60007491 D1, DE 602007007491 D1, DE 602007007491D1, DE-D1-602007007491, DE0760007491, DE2007/60007491D1, DE200760007491, DE602007007491 D1, DE602007007491D1
InventorsHarmander Singh Deogun, Kevin John Nowka, Rahul Rao, Robert Matthew Senger
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Statisch gepulste busschaltung und verfahren mit dynamischer stromversorgungsschienenauswahl Static pulsed bus circuit and method with dynamic power supply seemed selection translated from German
DE 602007007491 D1
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International ClassificationG06F13/40
Cooperative ClassificationY02B60/1235, G06F1/3253, G06F1/32, G06F13/4045, G06F1/3203
European ClassificationG06F1/32P5P1, G06F13/40D5R, G06F1/32, G06F1/32P
Legal Events
30 Sep 20108320Willingness to grant licenses declared (paragraph 23)